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Oh that’s interesting you are interested in learning SEO. First of all let me congratulate you for taking this step because future is all about web and web works on SEO. So having this skill is must.

Coming back, you might be a new business owner who wants to learn SEO or may be some newbie who found SEO term in some article.

No matter who you are a girl, boy, man, woman a company owner or a newbie SEO is just art in the web which requires some technique to draw.

why to seo

So the First question is why people want to learn SEO?

Things are very clear SEO stands for search engine optimization which mean we optimize our web content in such a way that it will get more exposure in the search result, more amount of traffic we get more chances that we can have a good and successful business.


Is it necessary, to learn SEO


Is it necessary, to learn SEO?

Well honestly speaking don’t take SEO as some subject take it as a skill which helps you to survive in the web in a better way, means without SEO business also running in the web world, but with SEO they are running in a better way. I hope you understand now, the importance of SEO.


So who going to teach me

So which SEO Expert going to teach me?

Well definitely its me (Tarun Rawat), and let me put some light here I am not going to teach you I am going to guide you. For me teaching and guiding having huge difference.

In guiding, I will take care that you will learn at your own by experimenting new things but I will suggest you direction in which way you have to work on where in case of teaching, same theoretical stuff came no practical and out of box things.

So Is Tarun Rawat well qualified to teach SEO


So Is Tarun Rawat well qualified to teach SEO

Well if you think I am some 30+ or 25+ guy did some Ph.D. or something like this then let me tell you, my friend, you are complete wrong here.

I am just 21-year-old boy living in new Delhi, thing which makes me special here is that I dedicated my three years in SEO learning each single term of it.

And the most important thing which matters to me is that I experiment lot no matter that thing is good or bad I have all kind of experience.

I made good handsome money with SEO by ranking niche site, also I get failed to rank good niche sites. So you can say I am a boy who has experience like an old man.


So what is special thing in my Training


So what is special thing in my Training !!

First is that I will give you full opportunity to learn from anywhere, means if you like to learn online then no problem we both have access to google hangout and in case you are from New Delhi and want to learn SEO front to front face then I can arrange A training class also.

Second Lifetime support, I will help you and guide you till my last breath. Not like others training classes where time is over then no one remember student. In my case it is totally opposite I give full freedom to student to ask any doubt at any time.

Third, help from A to Z. I will help you from your start to your infinite success. Yes, this is why I started teaching because I like to grow new business so you can understand how I feel to create new business with you.

Fourth,. I will arrange all premium service for you in free. For learning SEO, you need a website and for the website you need a domain and hosting with several other SEO premium tools which are very costly. The good thing here is that I will manage everything for you, means everything is free for you no matter it is hosting or some premium template.



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