Hello There,

I am Tarun Rawat from New Delhi. I just visited your website  and feel very excited to work with you.
Before we ride together let me allow to introduce my past with you.


My Blogging Journey 

As I started Blogging in 2014 from that time I worked on around 25+ blogs.  These Blogs Mostly on WordPress and some are in static sites.


Some Of My Blogs: 
1. TarunRawat.net   ( Personal blog for personal branding)
2. NationFlair.com   ( Blog which I created to help engineering students, by providing campus job notification)
In Below Image you can see NationFlair Admin Section and Traffic stats.

nation flair dashboard

I  created NationFlair to target Bhopal (local city) students and you can see in just 4 months I manage to capture 12814+ students details/leads. (Below Image show number of student signup in our website)


nationflair optin users
3. ZebMesh.com/Blog (ZebMesh is a service related website and its blog is on WordPress)
4. IndiaNewsMan.com (News Blog created to target Google News Section)
Right now IndiaNewsMan is not active, but on its peak time, with my team I am publishing 12 articles per day and it received 5 thousand visitors daily.


My SEO Skill

Well, I can’t disclose my micro niche blogs keyword here but yes I can show my general blog keyword.


Well if you search  “Open campus ” in Google then you can see NationFlair link ranking over there with around 4,94,000 results.


open campus keyword ranking


My Google Adword and Vskills (Government ) Digital Marketing Master Certificate

link to see Certificate 


My Digital Marketing Campaigns 

01. Google Adword campaign

google adword screenshot
02. Bing Campaign


bing adword

​Well, I have shown you my work, which I am doing from past 3 years. Something I want to mention here.
I love to work on Digital stuff no matter it is site designing, developing or marketing I love all the field.
I have many website assets which totally manage by me. And beyond this I also like to share/ teach, In My college days I teach SEO and Blogging to my batchmates. By this, you can imagine how passionate I am for this kind of work.


I really like to be a part of your Business. 


 Mail Me at contact@tarunrawat.net  So that I can start my work for your business.


Thank You

Tarun Rawat