What I Can Do For You?

Running Google ads (AdWords) is complex and I can help you to make that process easy.


Why To Choose My Service?

• I am in this online marketing industry from last four years, worked myself for all my clients.
• My way of working is simple and easy. Straight to the point talk and execution (not like marketing agency).
• If my campaigns generating business for you then continue with my service else stop everything at any time.
• My service fee is minimum (as I am individual) and you can message me at any point of time for any work discussion.


My Recent Google Ads Work:


How Google Ads Work Process Will Go?

1. Research for audience

2. Set-up of landing page

3. Conversion code installation

4.. Campaign, Ads and Keyword set-up

5. A/B Testing of keywords and ads performance

6. Campaign optimization for low cost per conversion.


How I Will Promote?

I will start with following two types of ads:

1. Search (text) based keyword ad : highly targeted

2. Display (image) based ad : little broad + less costly

Based on performance of both type of ads, will continue with ad which perform good.


Who Is Tarun Rawat?

Digital Marketer living in New Delhi, India. In last four years, managed various company/brands/organisation Google ads and Bing account. Passionate about digital marketing and love to grow small business !!


Let’s Talk Because Discussion Is Totally Free !!

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