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He (Tarun) is a simple guy who love to share things. Right Now he is 21 year old living in New Delhi with his family. He is going to complete his Engineering degree in Computer Science From Bhopal in the mid of 2016.


Journey Started In..

He started his journey in the month of June in 2014 as a blogger although he already working on some websites earlier also. From Multi Niche to Micro Niche he has practical experience to manage both blogs. As Tarun always say that “life is all about moving”, so he tried several other things beyond blogging which result to land him into Digital Marketing .


Tarun Believe

Well it is not all about success, as Tarun always say to his friends it is about the experience mostly the bad experience which people say failure. He worked on more than 20+ different niches blog/website and hardly 5 to 7 perform to desire level. And same thing with Digital Marketing several time campaigns get failed and he get very huge -ve ROI. So it is all about learning from failure which Tarun truly believe.


Adventurous DNA

Other than Blogging and Internet marketing stuff Tarun is adventurous. He likes to travel in hilly areas mostly. In the year 2015 during Feb he went to Nainital with his buddies and in 2016 Feb again he went with his friends to trek Chandrashila mountain which is 4000 meters in height from sea level.


Life is too short to live, So enjoy every moment to its Extreme !!


Tarun Rawat
Tarun Rawat

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